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Spring Clean Your Life!

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Got Time? How to Spring Clean Your Life with the Help of Social Distancing As a self-proclaimed workaholic I rarely get a day off, or should I say I rarely TAKE a day off. I work when I’m sick, I work when I should be sleeping and I have even worked when I was supposed…

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Are You a Perfectionist?

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ARE YOU A PERFECTIONIST? If you are wondering whether you’re a perfectionist, you probably are… or at least to a degree. Maybe you’re the mild, occasionally self-critical type or maybe you’re a blazing hot control freak. No matter what end of the spectrum you fall closest to, perfectionism can take hold of your life in…

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The Perfectaholic Manifesto

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WHAT WE BELIEVE GOODBYE PERFECTION You can either be perfect or present, but not both. Perfection takes you out of the moment. To fully embrace the people, places, ideas, and opportunities in your world, you must choose presence over perfection. WE BELIEVE when you make that choice, you accept the lessons and joys that are…

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