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The Perfectaholic Manifesto

close up photo of notebook with pen


close up photo of notebook with pen
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You can either be perfect or present, but not both.

Perfection takes you out of the moment. To fully embrace the people, places, ideas, and opportunities in your world, you must choose presence over perfection. WE BELIEVE when you make that choice, you accept the lessons and joys that are right at your fingertips.

When you stop seeking perfection, you find true beauty.

An obsession with perfection takes away your ability to see the beauty around you. Perfection is dull, and true beauty — with all its vibrant imperfections — surrounds you. All you have to do is look for it. WE BELIEVE that when you let go of perfection, you open yourself up to experience the wonders within you and around you. 

Letting go of perfection is an act of self-love.

When you move beyond perfection, you give yourself the gift of moving past the impossible. WE BELIEVE that love starts with you. Give yourself permission to lay down those unreasonable expectations and enjoy the grace and space to fail, make mistakes, and color outside the lines.

Nobody is perfect. N-O-B-O-D-Y.

The lead actress in your favorite movie? Nope. The Insta Influencer vacationing in Bali? Nuh-uh. Your ex’s new flame? Also No. WE BELIEVE when you realize that others’ image of perfection is curated, crafted, and complete bullsh*t, you can stop striving for that impossible goal. Leave comparison behind and accept your own and others’ imperfections as evidence that we’re all human and all imperfect.


It may not be perfect, but a good life is the best life.

A good life is one that accepts the inevitable – life is not perfect and never will be. A good life has highs and lows, starts and stops. WE BELIEVE a good life gives you the unique opportunity to realize that sometimes life’s unpredictable discoveries are better than anything you could’ve planned.

Shifting from “what-if” to “even-if” is life changing.

We’ve all played the “what-if” mind game. What if I don’t get married by a certain age? What if my body is not ideal? What if I can’t afford that vacation with my girlfriends? Choosing to face life with the confidence that you’ll thrive “even-if” your plans fail lets you leave behind the fear in a “what-if” mentality. “Even-if” gives you choices. “Even-if” releases control. “Even-if” opens doors you never even considered. WE BELIEVE knowing you’ll be fine “even-if” you don’t achieve perfection is an empowering revelation.

There is power in letting life surprise you.

Life is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win a free ticket, and maybe you might just win the jackpot. Some of the best experiences aren’t planned and coordinated. WE BELIEVE letting the universe bring you the wins, the losses and the jackpots opens you up to harness your true power.

Accepting your flaws is contagious… pass it on.

When you realize that nobody is perfect, you can begin to accept your own imperfections as what makes you uniquely beautiful. That energy is visible to others and makes you the best kind of influencer. WE BELIEVE you should Influence Acceptance. Influence Flaws. Influence Authenticity. 

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